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It is an interactive application for the pre- & post-processing of data for seismic wave modelling. Three integrated modules ( GeomodVi, MeshVi, DataVi ) allow for an easy preparation, processing and visualisation of such data.

Authors: Francesco Apostolico, Geza Seriani
General: Visualization, Processing
Code level: Research
Language: Python
Associated groups: Numerical Methods
Supercomputing: Serial
Grid dimensions: 2D
Coordinate system: Cartesian
Tested operating system: Linux, Windows, Mac OSX
Total hits: 7017

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Project Description

SismoVi is a pre-/post-processing tool based on the scripting language Python and on the graphics library wxPython for the GUI interface. It has been developed with a strong emphasis on portability and flexibility. Being based on open source libraries, it is in fact portable on Unix/MacOSX/Linux and Windows computer systems. The full power of the Python language is available to the end user who can easily interact with the data on the fly, making transformations of them and viewing the results. The available scripting syntax, which is very similar to that of FORTRAN 90, Matlab and Mathematica, allows for very efficient evaluations.

Main features:
  • Three interactive integrated modules:
    • GeomodVi for geological model generation from geological maps,
    • MeshVi for visualisation and editing of computational grids,
    • DataVi for visualisation and data processing of seismograms;
  • Developed in Python & wxPython;
  • Independent from the computer platform;
  • Integrated plotting library;
  • Interactive shell for data processing and visualisation;
  • Efficient array syntax;
  • Scientific operators and functions;

A basic knowledge of the python language is needed only for data processing.