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Spice books and presentations of invited speakers at the spice workshops contributors:

Spice Books

Moczo, P., Kristek, J., Halada, L. (2004), The Finite-Difference Method for Seismologists. An Introduction
+ training 1D FD codes from the software library including examples from the book: 1DFD_DS, 1DFD_DVS, 1DFD_VS
158 pp., Comenius University, Bratislava, ISSN: 80-223-2000-5.
Brokešová, J. (2006), Asymptotic ray method in seismology: A tutorial
+ attached CD with ZRAYAMP code
155 pp., Matfyzpress, Praha.

Presentations of invited speakers at the Spice workshops

Wave propagation modeling

Peter Moczo
Introduction to the finite-difference method I & II
Géza Seriani, Ekkehart Tessmer
Introduction to the pseudospectral method I
Introduction to the pseudospectral method II
Jean-Pierre Vilotte
Introduction to the spectral/finite element method I & II
Johana Brokešová
Asymptotic ray theory in seismology
John Woodhouse
Introduction to Normal mode theory and observation
AUDIO-VIDEO LECTURE: Introduction to Normal mode theory and observation
Seismic Tomography and Fully Numerical Wave Field Calculations - Future Prospects and Perspectives
Wolfgang Friederich
GEMINI - Tutorial
GEMINI (code)
Waveform Sensitivity Kernels for General Aspherical Perturbations
Robert J. Geller
Optimally Accurate Finite Difference Operators

Seismic inversions

J. Tromp
Toward seismic tomography based upon adjoint methods
John Woodhouse
The tomographic inverse problem
Lapo Boschi
Global seismic tomography: limitations and the future
A. Deus
Probing Earth's deep interior using seismic observations of mantle discontinuities
E. Beucler
Least-squares criterion: variations on a theme
J.P. Montagner
Global anisotropy tomography
Robert J. Geller
Toward inversion of broadband seismic body-wave waveform data for Earth structure
M. Sambridge
Trans-dimensional inverse problems, model comparison and the Evidence
P. Martin Mai, Jean-Paul Ampuero
Kinematic source inversion
Jean-Paul Ampuero
Dynamic source inversion
Kim Bak Olsen
Nonlinear Inversion of Dynamic Rupture Parameters
C. Thomson
Seismic inversion in the exploration domain

Volcano seismology

J. Wassermann
Volcano Seismology
Chris Bean
The EU Funded VOLUME Project & some stuff about volcano source modelling


Jose Carcione
Rheological aspects of wave modeling
Torsten Dahm
The Mushy seafloor problem: observations and questions
AUDIO-VIDEO LECTURE: The Mushy seafloor problem - observations and questions
R. Snieder
Theory and application of seismic interferometry in seismology