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SismoVi 2.00 alpha

Product: SismoVi
Version: 2.00
Maturity: Alpha
Release Date: 2006-01-09 11:10
License: GPL
Release Manager: Geza Seriani

Release Notes

<ul compact>
<li>Prerequisites: Python-2.4, wxPython-2.6, NumPy and
Matplotlib libraries, </li>
<li>More info: in ReadmeFirst and ReadMe files,</li>
<li>User guide: on-line help available,</li>
<li>Quick install: download and decompress the *.zip file, </li>
<li>Run command: <q>python SismoVi.py</q> </li>
<li>WARNING: still under development,
not all features implemented yet!! </li>
<li>Check periodically for updates .... </li>
<li>Any comment and/or feedback are welcomed.</li>

Change Log