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Package of Spherical Harmonics ANalysis and SYNthesis tools for UNIX/GMT environments. Required to plot model coefficients downloaded from Becker and Boschi's database.

Authors: Thorsten W. Becker
General: Visualization
Code level: Research
Language: C
Associated groups: Planetary Scale
Tested operating system: Linux
Total hits: 9058

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Project Description

Switches back and forth between harmonic coefficients and spatial grids, for global, 3-D maps of the Earth, formatted as in Becker and Boschi (G3, 2002). The main programs are 'shana' and 'shsyn' for spherical harmonic analysis and synthesis (go from spatial data to spherical harmonic coefficients and vice versa, respectively). All program use the theoretical physics normalization for real spherical harmonics as in Dahlen and Tromp ('Theoretical Global Seismology', Princeton University Press, Appendix B.8 and p. 859, 1998). You can use 'abconvert' to convert to other formats, though. All other binaries might be of limited interest to the general public.