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sem2dpack 2.2.9 final

Product: sem2dpack
Version: 2.2.9
Maturity: Final
Release Date: 2007-04-04 10:50
License: GPL
Release Manager: Jean-Paul Ampuero

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Release Notes

See Change Log.

Change Log

Notation: *+ fixed bug
++ new feature
o+ optimization
+ minor modifications

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Wed Apr 4 10:21:55 CEST 2007 -- v2.2.9
*+ fixed reading of HETE_DIST1 input block
and more robust interpolation at the edges
BR 1692766
++ template for user-supplied source time function (src_user.f90)
See SRC_USER input block
FR 1691682
+ new example "LambsProblem", as in Mercerat et al. (2006)
SR 1681080

Mon Mar 12 05:06:31 CET 2007 -- v2.2.8
++ receivers can be located at arbitrary positions, read from a file,
not necesarily at computational nodes. See the REC_LINE block
FR 1639079
++ multiple sources, with location and delay-time read from a file.
See SRC_DEF block
FR 1675299

Thu Feb 8 16:52:09 CET 2007 -- v2.2.7
++ materials can have heterogeneous distributions using DIST_XXXXX blocks
(see EXAMPLE/InaBox)
SR 1631862
++ new DIST_HETE1 interpolates linearly from a regular grid (see EXAMPLE/InaBox)
*+ fixed bug when writing "Stability_sem2d.tab"
+ added a FAQ to the user's guide
SR 1653849 1648483

Thu Jan 18 16:21:36 CET 2007 -- v2.2.6
+ Kelvin-Voigt viscosity: fixed wrong format in initialization outputs
+ PRE/ViewMeshQuality.m: modified, see user's guide section 2.4
+ EXAMPLES/TestFlt1D/ : corrected Par.inp

Wed Nov 1 22:45:39 CET 2006 -- v2.2.5
++ symplectic time-stepping algorithms, PFR and PEFRL (4th order)
o+ Reverse Cuthill-McKee element reordering
+ PostScript snapshots for each component in P-SV
*+ abort if undefined boundary tag
*+ first sample in seismograms is t=0
*+ added Kelvin-Voigt to Newmark solver

Wed Jan 18 10:51:01 CET 2006 -- v2.2.4a
*+ Kelvin-Voigt routines fixed for g95 compiler

Mon Aug 22 22:55:56 CEST 2005 -- v2.2.4
++ SH waves (anti-plane, scalar wave equation), see "ndof=1" in &GENERAL
++ leapfrog (staggered centered-difference) is now the default time scheme
It is faster, uses less memory and allows accurate explicit treatment
of dynamic fault boundaries (see "kind" in &TIME)
++ Kelvin-Voigt material, only with leapfrog (see &KELVIN_VOIGT)
++ bc_abso: new implementation, absorbing boundaries are now second order in dt
*+ faults: mapping to the fault coordinate system was handled incorrectly
(this bug might have corrupted curved faults in P-SV)
*+ time scheme: consistent check for stability in dissipative schemes
o+ faster initialization (changed the node numbering algorithm)
o+ optimization: up to 50% performance gain by declaring NGLL as parameter
in core subroutines (ELAST_KD). Before compiling, the user must edit elastic.f90
setting OPT_NGLL to a frequent value.
o+ memory optimization: jacobian and local weights not stored
+ faults: input initial tractions renamed + new input initial stress
+ outputs: PostScript snapshots of color scalar fields
(set "vector=F, color=T" in PLOT_POSTSCRIPT)
+ post: sem2d_view.m for Matlab
+ post: "Snapshot_*.ps" renamed to "x_*.ps" where x=d,v or a.

Mon Feb 7 23:38:44 CET 2005 -- v2.2.3
+ outputs: binary formats, see "bin" option in PLOTS
field selector "fields"
stress and strain outputs
+ pre- and post-process: tools for visualization under gnuplot and Matlab,
for conversion of output to ascii (see PRE/ and POST/)
+ post: movie.csh runs now with animate (ImageMagick) instead of xanim
and gifsicle instead of gifmerge
+ doc: more about the method, mesh verification, output formats
*+ bc_swfflt: NSAMP in output header file was inaccurate
*+ mesh_cartesian, mesh_emc2 and init: bugs higlighted by g95 compiler (G.Wimpey)

lun Aug 9 20:15:09 EDT 2004 -- v2.2.2
*+ Intel fixed their bug in the "transfer" intrinsic,
the code now works with Intel compiler ifort, version 8.0.046_pe047.1
*+ fixed bug in the numbering algorithm
+ fixed POST/movie.csh

jeu nov 13 20:02:09 EST 2003 -- v2.2.1
*+ emc2, cracks and faults: bug fixed in the handling of crack tip nodes.
As a new convention, crack tip nodes must be assigned a special tag: -1.

mar oct 28 17:08:10 EST 2003 -- v2.2
++ boundary conditions: new kind BC_SWFFLT, slip weakening fault
*+ boundary conditions: bug fixed in the numbering subroutine
+ seismograms: fixed the scripts (don't need ShowSeis_sem2d.csh anymore)
+ time scheme: parameterized dissipation in explicit Newmark-alpha
o+ solver: optimized for memory
+ distributions: new kind PWCONR

jeu oct 23 15:13:48 EDT 2003 -- v2.1beta
++ new boundary condition: linear slip fault (BC_LISFLT input block)
+ "Periodic" flag in BC_ABSORB
+ doc: explanation of seismograms data format

lun oct 13 19:58:59 EDT 2003 -- v2.0