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sem2dpack 2.3.2 final (2008/05/16 13:15:00 GMT+2)
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sem2dpack 2.3.0 beta (2008/03/07 15:20:00 GMT+1)
SEM2DPACK is a spectral element method solver for 2D wave propagation and fracture dynamics, with emphasis on computational seismology and earthquake source dynamics. The main additional features in this new version (2.3.0) of SEM2DPACK are: (1) non-linear constitutive equations (continuum damage and Coulomb plasticity), (2) regularization for bimaterial faults, (3) linear slip faults for SH, (4) improved utilities for plotting and manipulating outputs, including a GUI. The documentation has been improved and a major code refactoring now allows easier implementation of new materials, source time functions, distributions and boundary conditions.
sem2dpack 2.2.11 final (2007/06/06 17:10:00 GMT+2)
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sem2dpack 2.2.10 final (2007/06/01 00:30:00 GMT+2)
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sem2dpack 2.2.9 final (2007/04/04 10:50:00 GMT+2)
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