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Calculates the 3 components wavefield generated by a point dislocation at the interface between two different elastic solids.

Authors: Yehuda Ben-Zion, Zheqiang Shi, Jean-Paul Ampuero
General: Wave propagation
Code level: Research
Language: Fortran 90/95 or later
Associated groups: Digital Library
Supercomputing: Serial
Grid dimensions: 3D
Coordinate system: Cartesian
Method: Other
Tested operating system: Linux
Rheology: Elastic isotropic
Boundary conditions: Other
Grid type: Other
Solution type: Quasi-analytical
Total hits: 5734

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Project Description

The Fortran 90 program “pd_bimat.f90” calculates "phi", "r" and "z" components of motion in
two half-spaces, generated by a point dislocation with ramp source time function at the material
interface, based on the analytical solution given in the following papers:

1. Ben-Zion, Y., The response of two half spaces to point dislocations at the material interface,
Geophys. J. Int., 101, 507-528, 1990.

2. Ben-Zion, Y., Corrigendum to "The response of two half spaces to point dislocations at the
material interface" by Ben-Zion (1990), Geophys. J. Int., 137, 580-582, 1999.

The original codes were written by Yehuda Ben-Zion <benzion@usc.edu> in Fortran 77
("pd2hsp_corr.f", "pd2hsr_corr.f", "pd2hsz_corr.f") that calculate the "phi", "r" and "z"
components separately. Please see Fig 4 of Ben-Zion (1990) for the coordinate system employed.