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Gar6more 3D

Analytical solution for two-layered acoustic/acoustic, acoustic/elastic, acoustic/poroelastique and poroelastic/poroelatic media in 3D.

Authors: Julien Diaz, AbdelaĆ¢ziz Ezziani, Nicolas Le Goff
General: Wave propagation
Code level: Research
Language: Fortran 90/95 or later
Associated groups: Numerical Methods
Supercomputing: Serial, Distributed Memory (e.g., MPI)
Grid dimensions: 3D
Coordinate system: Cartesian
Method: Other
Tested operating system: Linux
Rheology: Acoustic scalar (SH), Elastic isotropic, Poroeleastic
Boundary conditions: Absorbing boundaries
Grid type: Other
Solution type: Quasi-analytical
Total hits: 2103

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Project Description

This code computes the analytical solution of problems of waves propagation in two layered 3D media such as
- acoustic/acoustic
- acoustic/elastodynamic
- acoustic/porous
- porous/porous,
based on the Cagniard-de Hoop method