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An analytical solution to poroelastic wave propagation in a homogenous medium

Authors: Josep de la Puente
General: Wave propagation
Code level: Training
Language: Matlab
Associated groups: Digital Library, Numerical Methods, Local Scale
Supercomputing: Serial
Grid dimensions: 3D
Coordinate system: Cartesian
Method: Other
Tested operating system: Linux, Windows
Rheology: Poroeleastic
Boundary conditions: Other
Grid type: Other
Solution type: Quasi-analytical
Total hits: 5883

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Project Description

MATLAB Script for obtaning the analytical solution for wave propagation in a homogenous poroelastic medium, based on the solution described in the paper by Dai et al. (1995).

The source used is a point explosion with time component Ricker or gaussian first derivative. The solution is computed in the frequency domain. Only non-viscous fluids are considered. The resulting seismograms are the radial components of the solid and liquid particle velocities.

Dai, N., Vafidis, A. & Kanasewich, E.R., 1995. Wave propagation in heterogeneous, porous media: A velocity-stress, finite-difference method, Geophysics, 60, 327-340.