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A parallel/serial 2d spectral element code for wave propagation and rupture dynamics

Authors: Festa, G., Delavaud, E. and Vilotte, J.-P.
General: Wave propagation, Dynamic rupture
Code level: Research
Language: Fortran 90/95 or later
Associated groups: Numerical Methods
Supercomputing: Distributed Memory (e.g., MPI)
Grid dimensions: 2D
Coordinate system: Cartesian
Method: Spectral elements
Tested operating system: Linux
Rheology: Elastic isotropic
Boundary conditions: Free surface (topography), Absorbing boundaries
Grid type: Unstructured
Solution type: Numerical
Total hits: 5959

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Project Description

2DSPEC is a Spectral element code solving the wave propagation inside heterogeneous media with possible rupture dynamics as a boundary condition.
2DSPEC handles unstructured meshes and runs on both single and parallel machines, for the latter using MPI communications. Absorbing boundary conditions are implemented via stress-velocity PML.