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Towards a European Reference Model

Reference Earth models are the bread and butter of any seismologist, but there is surprisingly little consensus on common references in seismological practice and research. All this is particularly true for Europe, where the uppermost mantle structure is very complex on a small lateral scale. Making a reference Earth model that is accepted by a large community, and is actually used in seismological practice, is a long process, and involves a lot of people from a large group of disciplines. The very characteristics that define a 'good' reference model may be subject of debate, as they are connected to the specific applications. The aim of this session is to stimulate this discussion within the broad European seismological community, and try and make an inventory of possible ingredients for a European reference Earth model. Any contributions from earthquake location, analyses of body and surface wave travel times, and seismic tomography, at various scales, which illustrate the importance, requirements, and uses of such a reference are welcome. This session is sponsored by the SPICE Consortium, a Marie Curie Research Training Network.

Accepted Contributions :