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EGU 06

Vienna, April 2-7, 2006

The meeting of the European Geosciences Union is the most important platform in Europe for the dissemination of Earth-science related research. Following the success of the SPICE funded special sessions in 2005, the organizers invited the SPICE network to follow up in 2006 and continue to chair sessions on (1) Computational wave propagation and (2) Towards a European Reference Model. For the first session we invited our SPICE experienced researchers (Gaetano Festa, IPG Paris) and Marco Stupazzini (LMU Munich) to act as chairmen. They independently organized the whole session, that was attended by ca. 30 scientists. In this session we also presented progress on the SPICE digital library and handed out flyers that invite scientists to make use of the library material containing software, training material, benchmarks, and publications. The second session was carried out in cooperation with another large scale European project in seismology, NERIES, that focuses on the restructuring of the European seismic networks. In the session progress in the imaging of the subsurface structure under Europe using seismic methods was discussed. In addition to these two sessions, the SPICE task groups met during the EGU Meeting that was attended by most SPICE funded researchers.