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Program and Presentations

Monday, 18th July 2005

10:00am General introduction: report, www, library, licensing [1.633 KB], Heiner Igel
10:45am CIG-SPICE collaboration [1.633 KB], Marco Stupazzini
11:30am Other developments: Kinematic rupture [1.633 KB], Gaetano Festa

GRID computing [1.633 KB], Jean-Pierre Vilotte

Coffee break
1:00pm SPICE code validation [1.630 KB], Peter Moczo
2:00pm SismoVi: recent developments and extensions [3.454 KB], Geza Seriani

3:00pm Tutorial: The new SPICE www structure and library, Robert Barsch
Evening Optional trip to the English Garden, Chinese Tower, walking distance

Tuesday, 19th July 2005

9:00am Spectral element method, viscoplasctic rheology [1.633 KB], Marco Stupazzini
9:45am Block multidomain Chebyshev modelling [1.633 KB], Geza Seriani and Peter Danecek

Coffee break
11:00am A Spectral Element code for the wave propagation as an object oriented Decomposition [1.633 KB], Gaetano Festa
11:45am Spectral elements on triangular grids [1.633 KB], Jean-Pierre Vilotte and Enrique Diego Mercerat

2:00pm The ADER-DG method for the simulation of elastic waves on unstructured meshes [6.960 KB], Martin Käser and Josep de la Puente

Coffee break and discussion
Evening Meeting Dinner in a Beergarden

Wednesday, 20th July 2005

9:00am Mesh generation for crack simulation and surface modelling [2.481 KB], Patrick Laug and Houman Borouchaki
9:45am Two- and three-dimensional unstructured high quality mesh generation using ICEM and GAMBIT [458 KB], Martin Käser

Coffee break
11:00am Use of CUBIT [1.633 KB], Marco Stupazzini

Final discussion