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CIG/IRIS Workshop on Computational Seismology

With support and encouragement from IRIS and CIG, a workshop will be held focusing on Computational Seismology, e.g., intensive forward and inverse seismic computations for structure and source characterization in both basic and applied research across all length scales. This workshop is not just for computational seismologists, i.e., people who write the codes, but also for people who would be interested in using them as end-users. Our aim is to establish a set of short and medium term goals and priorities for Computational Seismology. In particular, we seek to document the status, needs and anticipated directions, and to form a Seismology Working Group that exists within the CIG framework. What software capabilities are needed? Is there a role for web services and on-demand computing in seismology?

For more information, visit: http://www.geodynamics.org:8080/cig/workinggroups/seismo/workshops/

2005 06 08
Washington, USA