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EX2DELEL 1.0 final (2006/11/11 10:35:00 GMT+1)

Hello, here is the program for the 2D elastic halfspace with a pressure
source and receivers above another elastic halfspace, with examples of
input and output. Before use, please read carefully the
intro-comments in the FORTRAN program (records 0483 to 0714).
Numerical quadrature is performed by a routine from the NAG-library.
The FORTRAN source code of the called NAG-routines (i.e. D01AHF and
its auxiliaries) have been included. Please keep this part of the code
confidential and for non-commercial use only. Thanks.
The rest of this file contains:
The indata file (unit 5) from record 0023 to 0039
A corresponding output file (unit 9) from record 0043 to 0074
A corresponding output file (unit 8) from record 0078 to 0479
The complete FORTRAN source code from record 0483 to 3283
with NAG D01AHF FORTRAN source code from record 1694 to 3283