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EX2DDIR 1.0 final (2006/11/10 10:35:00 GMT+1)

Hello, here is the program for the 2D elastic halfspace with a free
surface. Directional source (vertical single force) and receivers
below the surface. Before use, please read carefully the
intro-comments in the FORTRAN program.
Numerical quadrature is performed by a routine from the NAG-library.
The FORTRAN source code of the called NAG-routines (i.e. D01AHF and
its auxiliaries) have NOT been included. Use the NAG-routines in the
EX2DDIR PRGM (records 1694 to 3283).
The rest of this file contains:
The indata file (unit 5) from record 0020 to 0034
The FORTRAN source code from record 0038 to 1471