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CIG Workshop

Austin, USA, October 16-17, 2006

CIG (Computational Infrastructure in Geodynamics) is our US sister project with a - in relation to SPICE - complementary goal to develop software-engineered tools in geodynamics, that include those for wave propagation. The SPICE coordinator (Prof. Igel) was invited to participate in this meeting in Austin where the central issues on the necessity and requirements of High-Performance Computing in the Earth Sciences were discussed. From the presentation of the key SPICE results and the progress on the US side it became apparent that while the SPICE community is currently leading the technical developments of computational seismology (e.g., wave propagation n highly complex media using tetrahedral meshes, that are much easier to handle in complex geometries) the US is ahead with developing the necessary IT infrastructure to allow these tools being used by the scientific community. During this workshop the desire to organize a joint CIG-SPICE workshop grew stronger and potential funding schemes were evaluated.