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Local Scale

This TG is led by Dr. Martin Mai (ETH) and Prof. Madariaga (ENS) and focuses on wave propagation and rupture problems on scales up to several hundred kilometres. One of the key problems in this domain is the simulation of earthquake scenarios with the potential of providing complete wave fields that can be investigated regarding shaking hazard at the Earth’s surface. While this is an important line of research, the discussion during the SPICE kick-off meeting identified that there are still considerable uncertainties particularly as to the radiation of high-frequency energy from large seismic sources. This is an issue that had been overlooked in the past years, when the estimation of shaking hazard and strong ground motions focused on the effects of structural heterogeneities. In a follow-up meeting of the leading scientists in July 2004 the long-term project goals was defined as "Developing a toolbox for dynamically constrained high-frequency near-source ground motions simulation".

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