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Aldo Zollo

Aldo Zollo
Professor of Seismology
Department of Physics University of Naples "Federico II"
Office Address (1) Complesso universitario di Monte S.Angelo, via Cinthia, 80124 Napoli, Italy
Office Address(2) RISSC Lab, via Coroglio, 156, 80124 Napoli, Italy
+39 081 2420315
+39 081 2420334
Research interests
> Modeling the seismic rupture process

Analysis and inversion of seismic data in the frequency and time domain for determing the geometry and kinematics of faulting phenomena.
Numerical modeling of the seismic radiation generated by extended faults in the high frequency range

> Seismic wave propagation

Inversion of arrival time data for the estimate of earth structure models at local and regional scales.
Study of rock anisotropy from seismic waveforms and shear wave polarizations
Body waveform inversion for the estimate of the seismic attenuation parameter in heterogeneous media.

> Strong motion analysis of earthquake data

Spectral and time domain modeling of strong motion records.
Study of the attenuation and local site effects.

> Seismic Imaging of Volcanic Structures

3D Seismic tomography for imaging the deep structure of volcanoes
Seismic migration of reflected/converted waves to detect and locate magma bodies
Applications: Mt. Vesuvius, Campi flegrei caldera, Larderello geothermal field

> Seismic exploration techniques

Background velocity models from the non linear inversion of first P-arrivals
Velocity analysis and migration of the reflected wave field
2D and 3D morphology of reflective horizons
Application: Val D’Agri (Enterprise Oil permit)