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Publications by Clara Zambelli

di Prisco C., Zambelli C., Stupazzini M. (2005),
The dynamic strain localisation: SEM numerical analyses of viscoplastic geomaterials,
invited presentation at 7th International Workshop on Bifurcation, Instabilities and Degradation in Geomechanics, Chania (Crete) , June 13-16, 2005.

Stupazzini, M., Zambelli, C. (2005),
GEO-ELSEvp: a spectral element approach for dynamic elasto-viscoplastic problems,
Rivista Italiana di Geotecnica (Italian Geothecnical Journal), submitted.

Stupazzini, M., Zambelli, C. (2004),
Spectral Elements for the Assessment of the Seismic Vulnerability of Structures,
invited presentation at 16th ALERT-Geomaterials Workshop, ALERT, France, October 11-12-13.