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Publications by Marco Stupazzini

di Prisco C., Stupazzini M., Zambelli C. (2006),
Non-linear SEM numerical analyses of dry dense sand specimens under rapid and dynamic loading,
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, submitted.

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The spectral element method as an effective tool for solving dynamic soil-structure interaction problems,
Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 8.

di Prisco C., Zambelli C., Stupazzini M. (2005),
The dynamic strain localisation: SEM numerical analyses of viscoplastic geomaterials,
invited presentation at 7th International Workshop on Bifurcation, Instabilities and Degradation in Geomechanics, Chania (Crete) , June 13-16, 2005.

Stupazzini, M., Sanchez-Sesma, F.J., Faccioli E., Maggio F. (2005),
Elastic wave propagation in heterogeneous medium using the spectral element method,
paper presented at EGU Meeting 2005, Vienna, Austria, 24 – 29 April 2005.

Stupazzini, M., Zambelli, C. (2005),
GEO-ELSEvp: a spectral element approach for dynamic elasto-viscoplastic problems,
Rivista Italiana di Geotecnica (Italian Geothecnical Journal), submitted.

Stupazzini, M., Zambelli, C. (2004),
Spectral Elements for the Assessment of the Seismic Vulnerability of Structures,
invited presentation at 16th ALERT-Geomaterials Workshop, ALERT, France, October 11-12-13.

Igel, H., Vilotte, J.-P., Wassermann, J., Stupazzini, M. (2004),
The SPICE Project: Towards a Digital Library With Codes, Training Material, and Simulation data,
paper presented at AGU Meeting 2004d, San Francisco, USA.