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Daniel Peter

Daniel Peter
Postdoctoral research associate
Department of Geosciences
318 Guyot Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
+1 (609) 258 5031
Research interests
In global tomography, one challenging way to achieve high-resolution images of the Earth's interior is in elaborating more accurate theories. A promising approach seems to be Born theory, a single scattering theory, which becomes most important for seismic surface waves.

Main focus of my work is on the propagation of surface waves, such as Rayleigh or Love waves at periods between 35 s and 150 s, and their scattering sensitivity. To gain a computation speed-up, reduction to two-dimensions can be done by the surface membrane wave method (Tanimoto, 1990; Tape, 2003). Basically, it is wave propagation on a spherical membrane. You will find some more detailed informations about how to deal with this nice issue on my home page.
The SPICE Contribution to Career Development
Ph.D. position, education in seismic forward and inverse problems, networking with other scientists, collaborations with University of Oxford and IPG Paris, exchange and visiting stays in Oxford and Paris, SPICE workshops at different locations, EGU and AGU special sessions and meetings, discussions with renowned international scientists.