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Publications by Josep de la Puente

Käser M., Dumbser M., de la Puente J. (2006),
An Efficient ADER-DG Method for 3-Dimensional Seismic Wave Propagation in Media with Complex Geometry,
paper presented at 3rd International Symposium on the effects of surface geology on seismic motion, ESG 2006 Grenoble.

Käser, M., de la Puente, J., Toro, E.F. (2005),
High-order finite-volume schemes for the simulation of elastic wave propagation,
paper presented at EGU Meeting 2005, Vienna, Austria.

De la Puente, J., Käser, M., Igel, H (2005),
Simulation of seismic wave propagation with high-resolution finite-volume methods on unstructured triangulations,
paper presented at EGU Meeting, Vienna, Austria.