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Simone Cesca

Simone Cesca
Postdoc researcher
Institut für Geophysik
Hamburg Universität
Bundesstrasse 55
D-20146, Hamburg, Germany
+49 (0)40 42838-4389
+49 (0)40 42838-544
Research interests
Seismology, volcano seismology, seismic source modelling and inversion, moment tensor inversion, kinematic and dynamic modelling of seismic source.
The SPICE Contribution to Career Development
SPICE project has been extremely important for the development of my career and my personal growth as a scientist. It gave me the opportunity to be part of an extremely motivating group of young scientists, leaded by a unique group of expert seismologists and geophysicists.
In this time I could learn several new techniques and methodologies, but most of all I did several experiences and develop my personal skills (not only scientifically, but also in terms of organizational skills, presentation of scientific results and contributions, etc.). A major contribution of the SPICE project consisted in the development of my ability to be an independent scientist, allowing me to start new research lines, often in collaboration with other SPICE PhD and postdocs. These collaborations are still ongoing and SPICE researchers still represent my main scientific partners.