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Program and Presentations

Sunday, 18th January 2004

Shuttle service from Munich Airport to Sudelfeld
After 6pm Icebreaker and Dinner

Monday, 19th January 2004

9:00am The SPICE Network: Scope and Objectives [1.633 KB], Heiner Igel
9:45am Discussion
Part I: The Partners
10:00am Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris [1.630 KB], Jean-Paul Montagner
10:10am Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia [13.454 KB], Andrea Morelli
10:20am University of Oxford [2.061 KB], Arwen Deuss
10:30am University of Utrecht [14 KB], Jeannot Trampert
10:40am Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich [2.909 KB], Domenico Giardini
10:50am Ecole Normale Superieure [1.444 KB], Raul Madariaga
11:00am Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale [2.575 KB], Geza Seriani
11:10am Coffee Break
11:30am University of Naples "Federico II [5.911 KB], Lapo Boschi
11:40am Comenius University, Bratislava [111 KB], Peter Moczo
11:50am Universitetet I Oslo [93 KB], Valerie Maupin
12:00am Universität Hamburg [1.341 KB], Torsten Dahm
12:10am National University of Ireland [4.956 KB], Chris Bean
12:20pm Charles University, Prague [1.337 KB], Johana Brokesova
12:30am Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München [4.879 KB], Heiner Igel
12:40pm Final discussion
1:00pm Lunch

Part II: Defining key scientific and technical problems (RESEARCH)
2:00pm Definition of working groups (global seismology, strong ground motion, computational techniques, data base, etc.)
2:30pm Work in subgroups (joint projects, tasks, deliverables, etc.)
3:30pm Coffee Break
4:00pm Work in subgroups (joint projects, tasks, deliverables, etc.)
6:00pm End
6:30pm Dinner

Administrative issues
8:00pm Reports and deadlines, financial issues, eligibility of candidates, responsibilities, management, auditing [572 KB], Erika Vye and Heiner Igel

Tuesday, 20th January 2004

International collaboration, associated experts
8:30am Related US Initiatives (SCEC, Geoframework, CIG, GRID) [1.633 KB], Heiner Igel
8:50am Interfacing with observational seismology, data bases [8.671 KB], Torild van Eck (ORFEUS)
9:10am Computational seismology in the industry [2.074 KB], Johan Robertson (Schlumberger)
9:30am Discussion
10:00am Coffee Break

Part III: Workshops and Training material (TRAINING)
10:30am Workhop I-III outline and definition of subgroups
10:50am Work in subgroups (Definition of training material, scheduling, organization)
1:00pm Lunch (optional)

Skiing Hiking Curling Sledging (weather permitting)
5:00pm Mould wine, Hot Chocolate, Coffee
5:10am Geodynamics and computational seismology, Peter Bunge
5:30pm Presentations of each subgroup and discussion
7:00pm End

7:30pm Bavarian evening, conference dinner

Wednesday, 21st January 2004

International collaboration, associated experts
8:30am Workshops and training material (presentations and discussions), continued

General issues: Hardware, www-page management, advertising etc.
9:30am Discussion: Hardware, software engineering, data exchange, www management, etc.
10:30am Coffee Break

Loose ends, administrative issues
11:00am Miscellaneous issues, Discussion
12:00am End
12:30pm Lunch (optional)
Shuttle service to Munich airport